Medusa earrings, 18ct yellow FAIRMINED gold with Tahitian Pearls, hammered texture.  These items are handmade and no two pairs are alike, the ones in this photo are sold so we can make another pair.

I am so excited to have been certified as a member of the FAIRMINED family.

This is something I have wanted to be part of for a very long time and now I can finally share my enthusiasm.


The FAIRMINED initiative was created to transform mining into an activity of wellbeing contributing to institutional, social and environmentally sustainable development of mining communities. It supports artisan and small scale mining organisations which obviously is close to my heart being small scale artisan myself.


To me it makes the whole process more personal knowing that the gold I work with came from the hand of another person- not just a huge machine… It’s like buying the veggies from the Sunday market vs the supermarket. I also think it’s wonderful to know that buying FAIRMINED gold secures better working standards and looks after the environment which we all need to do more about- a small price to pay for a large humanitarian & environmental reward.


“so enjoy this specially hallmarked part of AMOC and be proud to be part of something good…”